Zoe Goes to Hollywood


...Well, not quite Hollywood, but our amazing artist manager Zoe Edema is heading off to American shores for the next six months to travel and pursue her love of community and street art. We share Zoe's story about her past two and a half years with the Drawing Book.


When asked about her love of art, and her draw to the America's, Zoe Edema recounts sitting in the Museo Nacional de Arte in Mexico City, viewing a Diego Rivera mural. An elderly man sat by her, and speaking in Spanish, asked her about her thoughts about the piece, with the air of one who has asked this question many times before. This impressed her about the connection that art makes, the language, the engagement, the understanding of one another, the comprehension of another's perspective, and all in a disarming way.

Zoe shares about her creative family - her fathers architecture and stint in acting, her sisters work in public spaces, and her brothers mural work and event management. Zoe had already lived in Mexico for eighteen months, and was drawn to the exuberant creative culture of Guadalajara, the galleries, the incredible sculptures and installations, the life-filled plaza with salsa classes, jewellery makers and carts selling roses or ice-cream. She worked on some murals with her brother in Isla Mujere's and Isla Holbox. In one case, they were given permission to transform a degenerating mural of Freida Kahlo. That wall has now taken on many lives through communal mural projects over the years.

After travelling around South America, and being involved in local community development projects, Zoe returned to Sydney and began working at The Drawing Book in 2013. 

She shares fondly about her early experiences, and the awesome relationships she has had with her colleagues and the artists, feeling close to all of them as artists and people. She recounts how, in applying for the role, she spoke with artist Mike Watt for over an hour to get a better understanding of the work. Also, she shares her gratitude to Matt and Zoe, for their unique leadership styles and for sharing so many valuable gems, including DeBono's hats and the power of collaboration.

Zoe has been a key player in organising the many exhibitions that have occurred recently, including The Art of Storytelling, Common Sense (in Melbourne & Sydney), Cause & Effect, street exhibitions, and finally Mythology at the end of the week.

So Zoe, on behalf of the DBS team, we all wish you the very best in your journey throughout North & South America, and look forward to hearing of the exciting projects and connections you make. We look forward to catching up again soon!


Zoe talks about The Art of Storytelling