Bill Hope Collaborates with Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton has always been core to the world of art materials. We were really excited by the opportunity to work with them to launch their new graphic markers, ProMarker, BrushMarker and Pigment Marker™. 

"We have worked with The Drawing Book on multiple projects over the years and value their enthusiasm coupled with their strong attention to detail. The Drawing Book understands how to create and maintain successful creative partnerships.

It is wonderful to collaborate with talented artists such as Bill Hope. With dynamic artworks and an approachable outlook, Bill has been an asset to the Winsor & Newton Graphic Marker Launch. In creating and discussing his work, Bill is authentic and appreciates high quality art materials, which makes for a perfect fit with Winsor & Newton."

Michelle Sheehy

Brand & Communications Manager

"Winsor and Newton approached me with a refreshingly open brief to create a number of works of any subject matter using some of their new markers. I initially found the process of working with markers challenging as I attempted to wrestle my style of digital illustration into this new medium. Yet through a process of sketching and experimentation I began to find the inherent qualities and abilities of the medium and discovered ways I could best express them on the page.  The new pigment markers operate almost as a transitional medium between digital and traditional methods. They possess the workability and texture of a traditional medium but have much of the efficiency and free wheeling capability that I appreciate in digital painting. In the future I think I could use these markers as a kind of foundational medium as I develop work to be finalised in a digital render." 

       Bill Hope             


Check out some of Bill Hope's drawings with Winsor & Newton's graphic markers: