Welcome Curious Kitten


Cristina Guitian recently worked with Lavender Agency on an animation for their Genus Grad Program. This animation captures Cristina's fun and quirky visuals which are full of life!

Whats your favourite element in the final animation?

The factory! And I also quite like the firecracker at the end.


Any happy accidents along the way?

Quite a few absurd ideas came up, like the one of milking the rainbow or the fountain with hair instead of water. The project was a beautiful process that allowed me to go a bit nuts.  


How do you go about creating some of the imagery...do you have a plan or is a stream of ideas that you let flow and then refine?

There is a stream of ideas coming from the story and the art director that I interpret in images. Some of them are quite literal to the script but some of them are adding a new layer of meaning and weirdness. Lavender was very open to my interpretations so the process was very fluid coming together very naturally.



Whats the difference in creating something for animation verse still illustration?

In an animation you can play with sound, movement and storyline. So when drawing you know you have other channels to communicate that will help the illustration come to life, so it allows for many more possibilities to explore.  


Do you have any other projects lined up that you are excited about?

At the moment I am creating an artwork for a label for a small yet exclusive wine cellar from the North of Spain. I am working close with the commissioner, and taking it slowly, it is a completely new venture for me. The wine won't be released till next year, so bare with me for seeing the results!



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