Johan Potma on creativity 

What do you do when those creative juices have stopped flowing? How do you exercise your imagination when faced with a blank canvas? 

We asked some of our artists what they do to be more creative and how they keep that creative flow going. While it's not always an easy step by step process, here are some insights into different creative processes that can help you keep being creative. 


Dutch painter and illustrator Johan Potma is based in Berlin, Germany. From acrylics and collage on old wooden surfaces like box lids, cigar boxes and signs, Potma exhibits his creativity through monsters, freaks and oddballs. 

We asked him what he does to be creative and he responded with his thoughts on creativity. 

Creativity is not something I have to organise by taking steps towards. Creativity is part of me always. In any situation, creativity is always there. 

"Creativity is a way of life"

It is how you deal and interact with everything I do. 

Keeping fit and energetic 

Just start doodling! 

As far as my artwork goes I think it is important to keep at it. I draw a lot, and see what happens. Just start doodling and go with it. Many of my ideas originate from this. My sketchbook is like a diary to me. The sketches shape my thoughts. From them I choose the ones that have potential to become paintings.