Bill Hope on creativity 


What do you do when those creative juices have stopped flowing? How do you exercise your imagination when faced with a blank canvas? 

We asked some of our artists what they do to be more creative and how they keep that creative flow going. While it's not always an easy step by step process, here are some insights into different creative processes that can help you keep being creative. 


Sydney based illustrator Bill Hope has a sophisticated visual mind. His visual metaphors effectively portray concepts that tells a story. 

We asked him what he does to be creative and he responded with six helpful points. 

What does creative mean? 

It's an ambiguous term that doesn't do much good in describing the nature of any kind of thought. The best definition I can think of is akind of freedom from the constraints of conventional thinking. 

  1. Try and understand convention and tradition, It’s no good breaking rules you don’t already know about.

  2. Create time for "free play”, an unconscious space to try new ideas. Sketching for instance.

  3. Work hard on technique so it doesn’t become an annoying distraction. e.g. Spending all your time on the “how” instead of the what or why.

  4. Try and free up any overbearing affectations or “fall back position’s” It’s no good having a style if that’s all you can do/ all you feel free to do.

  5. Have lots of reference on hand but NOT as a crutch, it’s there to inspire and assist instead of replicate.

  6. Have the right space, all the equipment you need, If this isn’t available make do. it’s not really an excuse, just a nice to have.