You kids will be fine on your own for a minute, right?


Drawing Book Studios are excited to introduce artist and animator, Bill Northcott to the party at Drawing Book Studios. Bill Northcott was a finalist in Tropfest 2016 and he told us about how his clever animation Pinata came into being. 


Tell us about the concept for Pinata, how did the idea for this come about? 

I came up with the idea for Piñata for an affecters exhibition! I think it was Cause and Affect - so long ago now. I was a little too ambitious and wasn't able to complete it in time though. Then it sat on the shelf for months until the Tropfest theme, 'Card' was announced, and I dusted it off and completed the project. One of the biggest challenges was finding the time - between my commercial work I was only able to work on it for an hour here and there, and was often putting it aside for weeks at a time. 

I'm sorry about all the drama that went down with Tropfest earlier this year. Did the Tropfest organisers ever inform you of what happened when they pulled the plug?

Unfortunately no one from Tropfest informed me of the cancellation and I had to find out via social media. It took days for anyone to speak to me, which was very disheartening, but I later found out that was because of some legal proceedings, and all the staff were disallowed from speaking to us. In the end one of the staff had a word with me on the sly, which was very kind of them. In fact, despite the terrible circumstances surrounding the cancellation, all the staff were extremely lovely. 


Hope you felt triumphant when Pinata finally screened on Valentine's Day earlier this year!

When a new date was eventually announced I was cautiously optimistic, I don't think I believed it was happening until I arrived in Sydney and saw the enormous setup in centennial park. One of the advantages of making the film largely alone, was that I had all these VIP tickets, which most film makers usually give to their crew. I was able to use them to bring my girlfriend and parents along. My parents in particular got a huge kick out of being there, in fact the screening date, valentines day, is also my mothers birthday.


Are you going to do it all again next year? 

I feel quite satisfied being a finalist so I'm in no hurry to enter next years competition, but who knows!? Maybe when the next theme is announced I'll be so inspired I can't help but make something.


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