The Tibrogargan Dreamtime Story with James Briscoe



James Briscoe worked in collaboration with the team at S1T2 to retell the Tibrogargan Dreamtime Story through virtual reality. 

By using James' expertise as an illustrator, character design and animator and S1T2's innovation and creativity, they created a a Virtual Reality experience that was showcased at the Affector's Mythology Exhibition earlier this year. 

We had a chat with James about the project. 



Q: Whats this story about and why do you think its important to be told?

A: The story is about Tibrogargan the mountain giant, his wife Beerwah and son Coonowrin. Without giving too much away a great natural disaster occurs which tests the family bonds to breaking point. It's a story that the legend says has shaped the Glass House Mountains area, the tears that fall as the family is ripped apart by it still form the many small streams in the area today. I think it's important to continue to tell these stories as they enrich our lives today and provide a sense of mystery and wonder.




Q: This artwork was created for a Virtual Reality headset - how different is it creating something that is to be experienced in a 3 dimensional world?

A: Usually I animate to what I can see from a camera, everything is framed and you can control what the audience can experience at any given moment. With virtual reality though it's different. The viewer is in control, they determine what they're going to look at and when so in this case I had to animate the story around the viewer and let the action lead the way in a manner that they would want to follow.



Q: You worked with S1T2 on this, how do you find collaboration in this tech space?

A: I really enjoyed the experience. It was fun to work as part of a team for a change, you have to place a lot of trust in everyone's abilities and between Chris, Nicky, Jack and Matt this wasn't a problem, everyone was really enthused to tell the story and put together the best experience we could in the time we had.

Tibrogargan Story


Q: Storytelling has been our way of knowledge sharing for as long as we know... its pretty exciting to have it moving into this virtual dimension - project five years for me and tell me what you see in this space?

A: I think we'll begin to see stories told in ways that we can't even imagine, instead of being merely an observer we'll become a part of the story. We'll be able to interact with the characters, get involved and play games the whole story telling experience will be able to exist on a much deeper cerebral level.



Q: Any other goosebumps, sweaty brows or butterfly moments throughout this project you would like to share?

A: I think the main moment for me was right at the outset with the first meeting I had with Chris. We spoke about various mythologies and after deciding upon the Tibrogargan legend Chris pitched the idea of creating it as a VR experience, we spoke about these gigantic rock creatures striding over you as you watch the drama unfold. I loved the idea of feeling very small next to these giants, it was from that moment on that I began to get excited.


    Read more about the project at S1T2 here See more of James Briscoe's work here. 



Read more about the project at S1T2 here

See more of James Briscoe's work here