John Shakespeare is one of Australia's leading political cartoonists, and with the bomb that dropped over night we thought this was a great time to hear some words from this legend.

How did you create this?

The face was  drawn in watercolour,  I then photographed my hand and compiled it all in Photoshop for a gif.

Tell me story behind 'Team Straya'?

John: Team Straya is a satirical take on the Goverment's ill fated 'Team Australia' announcement of last year.

I'd developed this character, Abbottus Monkus, a human/monkey hybrid, who is the face of 'Team Straya'

Does being a political cartoonist sway your political views? Or is this something we should not talk about in public?

John: I have my own personal views and morality, so it does influence it a bit, but I always try and be fair and impartial

and have a go at all of them. Abbott just cops the most because he's the sitting PM..I had just as much fun with

Julia and Kevin!

Whats the most enjoyable part of working for SMH?

John: Probably the variety, so it doesn't get too boring. I get to swap between caricatures, cartoons, and illustration.

Worst part of the job is being stuck for an idea, hoping some magic will happen! Sometimes it doesn't.