Tara Phillips' Paradox


Tara Phillips' work is tantalising and seductive. Her skilled hand magics up ethereal beauty in whatever she draws. She spoke to us about some of her most recent work. 

Tell us about your work for Light Grey Art Lab
Light Grey Art Lab is an art gallery and event space that hosts a ton of projects for artists. They’ve collaborated with some amazingly talented people, so I was stoked to be a part of their ‘Never Odd or Even’ exhibition. The show itself was centred around duality and Paradox so I decided to do my own take on the dualism between humans and nature (inspired by parasitic fungi!). It was a lot of fun and I hope to do more gallery work in the future!

Tara Symbiosis

Mmmm udon, tell us how this delicious drawing came about!

It all started when I was having a delicious, almost spiritual moment with a bowl of Udon soup. I just knew I had to paint it! I’ve always had an obsession with food art (I just love the food scenes in Studio Ghibli films) so it was just a matter of time, really. Hopefully there will be more food-related paintings from me in the future!

Udon Tara Phillips

Here's some Ghibli food goodness to jog your memory: 

Ramen Ghibli

Tell us about the portrait of your grandmother - I feel like you've captured the essence of her spirit in her gaze

I was flicking through some of my Grandmother’s old photo albums and this particular image really stood out to me. She’s always been a very resilient woman so I wanted to really capture that essence about her. I also had a lot of fun working with a more traditional style in mind.

Tara Grandmother

Here's another beautiful new work from Tara. 

Tara Phillips Fashion