Chris Nixon collaborated with Sam Price of Modifier for amazing tour visuals for TA-KU, check it out! 


Tell us a little about the Taku animation. 

The Taku animation was a collaboration with Sam Price modifier.co

I share a co-working space with Sam and he came to me after he got the commission for directing the visuals for Taku’s US tour. Taku has always incorporated visuals into his live set and it’s something Sam and I collaborated on last year for the Redbull live series projection mapping to Taku’s set in Perth, so it seemed like a natural collaboration and progression to be involved on these new visuals. 


How did you get involved with creating this? 

We were talking at the concept stage about each track and what I could contribute to the project and we came up with the concept of hand-drawn animation combined with a textured tessellating pattern to reflect that grain and warmth in Taku’s music.


Did Taku have an idea of what they wanted or did they just give you the track and let you play?

Yeah he had a running theme with flowers through his visuals that he wanted to retain so we thought we would try something new with abstract hand patterns, a hand drawn animated Willow Smith whose vocals are sampled on the track and these tessellating patterns that would frame the work. We were given complete freedom to come up with what we wanted, but Sam had a pretty clear idea of what he was after, we just had to work it out together to get something really nice to use.

Tell us about the collaboration process with Sam Price

I’ve worked with Sam on a heap of projects now so the workflow is really fluid. He understands what I can bring to the projects and he enhances my work with motion. He has a really clear vision of what he wants and I think I can reflect that visually and enhance it at times so we can bounce ideas off each other to see what works. It’s always lots of fun at the early stages getting together to see what’s possible and we try not to write off any processes because it’s too hard, or we don’t know how to do it. I think the best part is coming up with an idea then problem solving for the best way to execute it, which is something I’ve always carried as a process through all my work.


We have a few really fun projects coming up together which we’re excited about so we’ll definitely post updates and continue to share our process to whoever is interested.


Here's the full work from Sam Price at Modifier: 


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