Something Haunting You? 

"It's all too easy for a little bit of stress to transform into a monster if it's not managed. Monsters that will follow you everywhere you go."


Louie Joyce is passionate about making comics. He recently worked on a comic for Young and Well's campaign for young men. The ‘Something Haunting You’ campaign encourages young men aged 15 to 17 to take action and overcome the problems that may be looming over them, such as exam stress, peer pressure, and body image doubts... with a little help from zombies. 

Louie Joyce filled us in. 



What was it like working on this campaign? How did you get involved?

The guys at DAN had seen my comic work online and thought I was a good fit for what they had in mind. It was a great brief to work on! I thought the zombie metaphor was a fun way to engage young people, and really, anytime you get to draw Zombies is awesome! 

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 6.30.27 PM.png

What was the brief? 

They were looking for a style that would appeal to young males in particular. Something with clear storytelling and a bit of humour to it. While I didn't animate the comics myself, I had to create the artwork with that in mind so that an animator would be able to add a little flair to it all.


Louie Joyce Something Haunting You

Have you made any other interactive comics? 

I've done a bunch of web comics, but nothing animated/interactive. It's definitely something I want to play around with a bit more.

How do you feel about digital comics compared to traditional print? 

While I'll always be more of a fan of print, I love both formats. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and working with or against those is always challenging/inspiring. I try to keep both formats in mind with whatever I'm creating these days and slightly adapt my comics for each format. A good example of this is my comic A Life in the City which was created as both a continuous slider web comic and a limited run of Concertina books.

Life in the City Louie Joyce


Do you have any other comics on the way? 

I do! I've just finished a 4 issue series with Paul Allor & Gannon Beck. Those guys are so damn talented and collaborating with them has been absolute blast. Very excited to see what people think of this book, should have more info soon! I've also got a few one shots in the works and some short comics for my book MISHMASH.


The zombie invasion has hit your suburb. What is this first thing you do?

Go for a surf! Zombies and water don't mix. Also, find a trolley. Can't do dystopia without a trolley.

Louie Joyce Something Haunting You


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