Snakes Alive with James Briscoe

James Briscoe recently re-designed the Allen's lolly characters ...the designs are super sweeeeeet! Check out our Q&A with Briscoe below on the process.

Q - I love the new textured fresh look - you have normally worked in 3D for Allen's is that right? Why do you think the change to 2D was made?

A - Yes the previous Allen's characters were all in 3D and although they were a lot of fun to work on, I quite like the move to simple 2D characters this time around. I think it lends a freshness to the brand which looks fun and engaging and will hopefully appeal to both children and adults alike.

Q - Please give us some insight into the brief and the process in developing these guys.

A - The brief was to create a set of characters that were so appealing they could almost jump off the shelf. I wanted the character design to be strong enough so that even though the characters are simplistic in nature they would still hold up and remain visually interesting. Subtle tones were used where appropriate and a simple texture was then overlaid as well as gentle drop shadows to make things pop.

allens.james. briscoe


Q - In your mind - what do you think the personalities traits are of some of your favourite characters?

A - One of my favourite characters would be the snake from the "Snakes Alive" pack as this was a fairly early sketch which hit the mark early on and set the tone for the project. The snake to me looks fun and inquisitive, he looks curious and I like the way he's looking straight off the pack at you like he's trying to catch your attention.

Q - This has to be a bit of a dream brief - what were the highlights for you?

A - It's a real privilege to be able to develop a set of characters like this particularly for such an iconic brand. I think the highlight for me is when you first see the packs appearing on shelves, at that point you really get an appreciation for the whole process, it's not just an illustration any more it becomes something that people can take home and enjoy.