The New Qantas App- A Virtual World!

The BWM Sydney team approached us to develop a style and approach to promote the latest Qantas app - its the App that helps getting you from A to B with ease. The concept was to tell the story of all of the scenarios the app helps with - using the phone as the world that these stories are emerging from.

The scenarios within the world communicate the tools within the app - from booking flights and hotels, assisting with check in and other useful travel information straight to your device.

Our creative Team was headed up by James Briscoe and supported by Nath Rule and Frantz Kantor.

"I really enjoy low polygon work, there's something really satisfying about the simplicity of design in a low poly object or character. It's a fairly liberating experience as opposed to working with high poly realistic models, things take shape more rapidly and I also like the look, it reminds me of playing games like Zelda and Mario on the N64" James Briscoe