Seasons at SciTech

Seasons is the feature exhibit at Scitech’s new Backyard Adventures Exhibition where Chris Nixon and Sam Price were commissioned to bring life to the space with projection mapping. The projection runs for roughly 8 mins which shows the life cycle of a house from the very first brick, to being reclaimed by nature as it passes through the seasons. Their approach was to create a stylised surreal landscape that challenges children’s imagination as they witness a textured house and life existing in a world made of paper.

This awesome collaboration between these two talented guys is just a taste of whats to come. They are lining up a few more of these projects now. You can tell by the quality and of the work and the reaction of those who interact with the environment, that this was not only a lot of fun but also required immense passion and professionalism on both parts of Simon and Chris. It’s been a big hit at Scitech so far and will be travelling to Canada in April for another run at a Science museum in Toronto!