Pictoplasma 2015

This week, illustrator Irene Feleo shares about her recent experience at the 2015 Pictoplasma conference in Berlin, hosting character designers, animators and artists from all over the world.

I was excited to travel to Berlin to exhibit and attend the 2015 Pictoplasma conference - a conference dedicated to art, illustration, animation and design around characters. Late last year I took part in the Pictoplasma Academy, an eight day intensive workshop with 28 artists and designers selected from around the world to develop a character project. In May this year I exhibited a combined embroidery and mural installation as part of my ongoing series OMOS (Over Mountains, Over Seas).

The Pictoplasma conference is an intense and amazing combination of festival speakers, workshops, animation screenings, after parties and gallery openings. Some highlights for this years speakers included Nikolas Menard (Canada), Brosmind (Spain) , Animalito (Spain) and Lucas Zanatto (Finland). A favourite part of the event was probably being able to hear all the speakers share their creative insights and the work that they are so passionate about - it was definitely an inspiring environment to be immersed in!

The best part however, was getting to be part of the conference through the Academy All Stars exhibition. OMOS stands for the opening line 'over mountains, over seas' - and is a homage to the stories my grandpa used to create for me when I was a child. A growing inspiration to create your own stories and mythologies was born from this - and thus I started an ongoing series to explore the universal symbols of magic, mythology and creation. This work Mountain Spirit was an important chapter in this series, and I would love to someday create a large scale installation of the OMOS world in a entire gallery space.

By attending this event, and Berlin in general, it really opened my eyes as to the diversity and creativity of people's work. Meeting so many people from different parts of the world who are influenced and inspired by so many different things - it was really cool just to see everyone in their element and to meet people willing to share their stories. It definitely expanded my worldview and helped inform my own work as an artist.

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