Cristina Guitian: Phoenix Bird Tattoo 

Cristina Guitian phoenix tattoo design
Cristina Guitian Phoenix Tattoo

Cristina was asked to design an interpretation of a Phoenix Bird using geometric patterns. The result was a Bird with three eyes; one looking to the present; the second to the future; and the last one to the past, next to a hand throwing away the old memories.


Skin is probably the most precious canvas someone can offer you. How did they come to you? What did they ask for? 

The client wanted a Phoenix bird for its concept but he wanted one that would be unique to himself. He knew my work and the weirdness that comes with it so he asked for me to interpret the concept of the bird keeping it with an aesthetic that would match the tattoo on his other arm.


Tell us about the symbolism of the design.

The main feature of the design is the fact that the bird has 3 eyes. One is looking to the past placed on the joint of its wing. Next to it there is a hole with a hand in it. The hand is throwing old painful memories away. Another eye looks into the future while one of the bird's beak is throwing out a little ball to the future, as an energy seed for a good time ahead. The third eye is looking into the present directly into the viewer's eye.


You work on lots of different surfaces with different mediums. What do you consider when using skin as your canvas?

I sketch on the body before doing the detailed artwork so I can interact with the body parts and find out the right shape of the drawing. What looks good on a paper doesn't necessarily look good on such a different canvas!


What else are you working on at the moment?

I am working on something completely different, I am drawing a wine label for a limited edition red wine from a boutique wine cellar in Catalunya, North East of Spain. Next week I am taking part in an arts residency in London, where I will be intervening on a space. Here is the invitation for those in London:

Cristina Guitian
Cristina Guitian Phoenix Tattoo
Cristina Phoenix Tattoo
Phoenix Tattoo