Notes from a Holiday


Joe Whyte recently travelled around Europe, documenting the rich beauty of faraway historical places. Joe's drawings capture the drama of sculpted Renaissance figures as well beautiful moments of the everyday, like side streets and fellow artists sketching alongside him.  

Here are some pages out of Joe Whyte's sketchbook. 

Joe Whyte classical sculpture

At the end of 2015 I spent a few weeks travelling around France, a  country i'm very fond of. Then after a brief stop in Rome, I spent a couple of weeks in Riga, Latvia. I'd studied in France in the past, but this time really enjoyed spending some time in different parts of the country.

I was greatly inspired by the art and architecture of the places I visited. The wildly varying architectural styles of Nancy, Strasbourg and Aix-en-Provence, the Historic buildings of Rome, and the Old town of Riga were all extraordinary.


Over the last couple of years I've taken to carrying a sketchbook around with me in my bag most of the time. I will sketch in it most days, it's nice to always have it at the ready the moment I see something piques my interest. This is particularly the case when travelling to new cities, new countries. I find that it's a really interesting way to discover and record the world around you.

A particular artistic highlight of my trip was meeting up with a group of local artists in Strasbourg. As amazing as it is exploring a city as a tourist, there's nothing quite like meeting and talking with the locals, and learning of their particular relationship towards their city, it adds so much more understanding to the place.

Joe Whyte
Joe Whyte
Nancy Cathedral Joe Whyte
Joe Whyte
Joe Whyte Rome
Joe Whyte
Nancy building Joe Whyte
Joe Whyte plane

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