Chris Nixon is a multi faceted creative handyman! His medium is not relevant to his expression - he is armed with a free and easy approach,  an uncompromising ambition and a sturdy moral compass and we LOVE him for it!

Check out below to get his insight on illustrating for apparel and merchandise.



You have been aligning your self with brands for some time now- tell us how it feels to see your designs printed on products that people can wear and ride?

Nixon: I’ve been working hard to build up a folio that aligns with my interest and hopefully brands that I’m really drawn to and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of these. It’s probably the nicest compliment for my work when I see people choosing to wear or ride on a design that I’ve created and it’s always a thrill when I see someone wearing a shirt or a pair or boardies I’ve worked on. It’s also a bit of a strange feeling, like we have some sort of connection through the design or something?… it’s hard to explain, but it’s always a thrill.

Tell us about your colab with @shapers_inc, how did it come about and what was your inspiration?

Nixon: The colab came about through The Affectors where Matt Jackson just thought Harry (from Shapers Inc.) and I would get on and connect through surfing, so I reached out to him with a few emails to see if we could line something up. We skyped a few times and he happened to be working on Shapers Inc. needing a few designs, where right at the same time, I was working up some personal work for an exhibition and thought they would fit with their direction. It’s been a big dream of mine to have work on a board so I was stoked to see them printed up - the print job is beautiful on those boards and Gina Kiel’s work looks incredible.

Toms are an amazingly generous brand that gives back to communities around the world in need -  how important is it to you to be mindful of those less fortunate?

Nixon:  It’s a huge part of what I do. I often find myself getting caught up in my art and the usual pace of life where I feel a bit selfish in serving my own needs to be creative. When I'm traveling and in my time off I often think of ways to use my skill to help those in need and it’s something I’m developing with a few kids book projects. I’m passionate about education and helping to steer the next generations on important issues so we can create a better world. If I can reach even just a few with my work and help, then I’m happy.

Another killer project with @hyperlitewake what were the guidelines for this one and how do you feel about the final product?

Nixon: This was a great project to work on and they just reached out to me directly through seeing my work on The Critical Slide Society ranges. They had a pretty specific brief and actually wanted to use a design I had done for No Cure Magazine, but they couldn’t and I wanted to work up something custom anyway which I think always works out for the best. I’d actually forgotten I even did it, because I had to be so tight with releasing any news on it and I’d finished it earlier this year, then I got an email saying they’d launched it and they had all these great product shots of the boards in action and it was so great to see. It’s even more of a thrill when I see pro athletes using my designs and doing some incredible things with them - it always makes me look better!

I’d love to work on more boards and I’m actually developing up my own line of cruising skateboards now with a furniture designer, so I’m taking it into my own hands! I’ve always wanted to shape boards so this is the first step into running the whole process and I just thought, why not have a go myself to create boards I want to ride. I’ll be posting news of this in the next few months while I play around with prototypes.




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