Agency BMF were the force behind the recent TVC targeting violence against women. We knew this was a job for storyboard artist Frantz Kantor with his understanding of film plus the ability to capture intensity and demand attention. 

Social Services Minister Christian Porter described the campaign as "very confronting...People know that violence against women is wrong. What they may not know is that ... all of us can unknowingly excuse and therefore perpetuate the behaviour that can lead to violence." 

Minister for Women Michaelia Cash said that excuses like, "it's just boys being boys" had to stop. 


The Australian Government says 'As parents, and as influencers of young people, we want the best for kids. We want them to have positive experiences, healthy relationships and opportunities to learn. We want them to understand right and wrong. We want them to respect others, and respect themselves. We can all help stop it at the start."'.

Watch the full TVC below

Check out the full storyboard from Frantz Kantor below.