Affectors Mythology


Drawing Book Studios are resting sore heads after the success of the long-awaited Affectors exhibition, Mythology on the 5th June. The event was held on the glittering rooftop at Rydges Sydney and reached capacity with queues being up to half an hour to enter the exhibition. 

Mythology showcased 20 Australian and international artists. DBS exhibitors included Jo Ley, James Briscoe, Irene Feleo, Bill Hope, Johan Potma, Billmund, Chris Wahl, Chris Nixon, Mike Watt, Lucy Izzard, Cristina Guitian, Kevin O'Donnell, Frantz Kantor, Bill Northcott, Gina Kiel, Andrew Millest, Borja and Young Earl Grey. 

The exhibition explored popular myths and legends from ancient history, Greek mythology and storytelling. Walking into the event was an immersive experience with works exploring a range of mediums including augmented reality, text, video and sound montages.

Bill Hope, one of the Drawing Book Studios artists, collaborated on Song of Horses, with Matt Jackson, Johan Potma and Ben Romalis. He talks about Mythology:

When I look back to the little shows we used to have at M2 Galley in Surry Hills it’s pretty incredible to find us only 2 years later packing out the rooftop space at the Rydges Hotel. 
There was a wonderful selection of illustrative works ranging from the buxom nymphs of Jason Paulous’ creation to the eerie depictions of the underworld by the indefatigable Kev ODonnell. Multimedia works were aplenty with the folks at S1T2 bringing us an immersive virtual reality experience, a Paulos and Northcott animation collaboration.
As the evening progressed our spacious venue was filled to capacity (we had our first ever queue outside, very exciting), familiar faces from past exhibitions mixed with a growing following.
Wine and gelato flowed freely among the attendees where skateboard wielding art student and Ad excec participated in a feast of reason and flow of soul. A thousand thankyous to the management of the drawing book for hosting such a successful show.
I had a great time working on the collaborative piece with Matt, Ben and Johan. It’s always a challenge to get a group of people working in sync but once we had wrestled all our ideas into a single concept it was great to let everyone do their thing and build a work together.