Let's Converse!

'Gif of the Gab', 'Don't Look a Gif Horse in the Mouth', 'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a .gif, that's why they call it the present...' Instead of killing you with more bad puns, let's hand it over to Ben Marriott to talk about the animated .gif, and his involvement in Converse shoes latest online collaboration...


I made this animation for Converse via Tumblr's Creatrs Network, a new initiative to "empower emerging creatives by pairing them with similarly minded brands'.

The brief was to create a portrait of our Chuck Taylors in any medium, in a way that shows off the sneakers, and to create an accompanying six word story. My story was: Run the Numbers, Drink the Honey - as in, do the work (calculate the required math) and be rewarded with the benefits (sweet victorious honey). I used this as an opportunity to create some ridiculous designs for sneakers that I would secretly (not actually that secretly) love to exist. 

I find that looping .gifs can have a really hypnotic quality to them. I always look a little longer than usual to try and figure out where the loop begins and ends. I think that's one of the reasons animated .gifs have become such a part of tumblr culture. 

The rising popularity of format on tumblr has certainly been a influence on me exploring animation more. I viewed Animation as an intimidating field because of how much work is usually involved, and as an individual, that's a little daunting. Having so much animation on such a small scale on your Tumblr feed is encouraging. You can see that something animated doesn't need to have hundreds of hours dedicated to it. It can be something simple, fun and flippant - BM.

  Click here to view more work by Ben


Click here to view more work by Ben