Keeping it Hyperreal: Matt Jackson by Borja


Borja Bonafuente Gonzalo paints Drawing Book's owner and Affectors' founder, Matt Jackson.  Borja shared with us about the painting. 

Matt and Matt by Borja

The story behind the artwork is simple. I love the confusion people get when they are in front of a painting as realistic as one like this is. The most common comment is to hear is, "I don't know whether it is a painting or a photo."

I wanted to confuse them even more with images that confront them to make them wonder if the person who is painted is crying or laughing. It will be THEM who has to decide that based on their own feelings that day. 

I really was able to prove this with the other painting I have with a girl laughing and crying at the same time: there was people who saw the girl crying and were unable to see her laughing (even telling them to try) and the same to the other side, so that was the idea behind this painting.  Also, as this was a very special "commission" (I use those marks because it was never a proper commission). I wanted the painting to be a work of mine in the same proportion as a work of Matt so, as he was the one who decided the pose and the face. I wanted to add a phrase of one of his poem that he sent to me a few years back and that´s the header of the painting.  That way this painting is 50% Matt´s and 50% mine.

 "A wild essence able to take the eleventh step to freedom"

Matt by Borja

See the painting being constructed: 

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