Etched in Mud

We were thrilled to be coupled with the task of making art from mud for a 3Dimensional surface, its exciting to be faced with a challenge to problem solve and to work with an adventurous brand like Jeep.

We knew artist Joe Whyte would be perfect for this challenge, armed with his fine art training Joe has an understanding of how to layer an artwork to build depth and interest.

This was a collaborative project completed in record time, with skilled teams from Film Graphics, Cummins and Partners, Ben Bangay + NB Content the concept was to represent Jeep through the ages.

Joe Whyte says "Illustration can often be a very singular pursuit, so I really enjoy when the opportunity for collaboration with other artists arrives. This is where I found it really interesting to work with the mud artist Ben Bangay, and to figure out how my images would be interpreted in the final production. This pushed me to adapt and change my style to a degree. Whereas often I'll work with delicate rendering, this piece called for something stronger and bolder, that would stand out strongly and clearly through the dirt and mud."

joe whyte jeep

The team of mud artists tirelessly etched and painted the illustration on to the jeep to create the 3Dimensional evolution of Jeep through the ages.

Joe Whyte Jeep

The final TVC is below...enjoy!

Special thanks to artists Jo Ley and Kev Odonnell for assisting in the illustration creation.