Jason Paulos Hippos and Astronauts


Jason Paulos is dipping his toe into the 'Artwork on Walls' world... here is what he has to say about it.

Having mainly focused in the digital art and comic book industry - is the Fine Art industry very different?

Jason Paulos: Yes in that you have to have some kind of overarching vision or theme to tie the work together ... I’m struggling with that and the idea that art has to have some kind of deep meaning rather than just cheap visuals thrills which up till now has been my specialty. Right now I’m just trying to paint some crazy shit.

Where does this Hippo character come from? Whats his story?

Jason Paulos: He appeared in my very first mini comic back in the eighties. I created Hairbutt while I was in college and the supporting characters came later and I struggled on with another 12 or so issues plus various guest spots in other 90’s comic mags.

Do you approach traditional art making differently to digital? What are the pro's and cons of each medium?

Jason Paulos:  Digital art is so ephemeral, it’s like it doesn’t really exist in the real world. I like having something you can hold in your hands that has texture and weight and a story. Digital art can be too slick and airbrushed, there’s no humanity left in the picture ... it’s too perfect!

Why do you make pictures? Is there a story you can tell us about your childhood and picture making? Any key moments or interesting milestones?

Jason Paulos: Drawing comics was my way of keeping the inner child alive as a response to the pressures of the adult world. My parents were disciplinarians and instilled a rock solid work ethic.

Whats on the cards for you? any future shows or comics coming up?

Jason Paulos: I’m contributing to a horror mag out now in US newsagents (www.thecreepsmagazine.com). I’m working on more paintings for a potential one man show and I’ve got 6 pictures on the wall of Day Fine art in Blackheath. I’ve sold 3 paintings already so it feels like a new start for me.





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