Jagermeister - Strange but True

Jägermeister recently launched their “Strange but True” Facebook campaign, chronicling the adventures of a close-knit group of party animals to encourage fans to playfully name and shame their party buddies. Our very own Billmund is the illustrator behind the campaign working side by side our friends at Society Social. Billmund agreed to an interview on his creative process and how he combined truth and fiction to bring these colourful characters to life.

Hi, Billmund! This job looks like it was made for you – have you enjoyed the process of being involved in a viral Facebook campaign?

B: It’s really great to see the images shared and liked so much. All of them have likes in the thousands, it’s crazy! The best part is the comments, thousands of them, all tagging their mates, some taking the piss, others waxing poetic on their own weekend entourage. Mostly taking the piss though, which is great to see because people are using these images to get a reaction out of their friends which then fuels a chain of shares.

Can you talk us through the characters you have developed and what you have done to highlight the individual characteristics?

B: The Stag: Easy, he pretty much designed himself; he’s the charmer in the tailored suit, a bit of a Barney Stinson, the alpha. I knew I had to make him handsome, which might sound tricky, but all I did was take a real stag and make his features slightly more human. The eyes and the mouth are the most expressive thing on a human face so I made sure the stag could smile and raise an eyebrow when needed.

The Snow Leopard: The tamed member of the group, since he only comes out when his girlfriend is away. I thought he’d look quite conservative in dress and short in stature and overall a bit glum.

The Wing Man: The faithful friend that’s maybe not the coolest guy ever but loyal to the end, his namesake demanded he should be a bird but deciding which took a couple passes. I started with a bald eagle with aviators to really push the Top Gun reference, but he looked too much like the alpha and we couldn’t have that; so it was decided he should be a pigeon which I think works great. The wingman is a rock, always reliable and so should be solid and bold in stature, he’s a big lad and that suits the naturally pear-shaped neck region of the pigeon.

The Night Owl: Another easy one. He’s wired from late nights so his eyes are big and wild and crazed and he is clearly dressed to party, always packing glowsticks and his ancient acid house t-shirt. And I made the feathered area under his chin brown to give the impression of a wild beard and make sure he was the clear party animal of the group.


The Dodger: Sneaky and sly, he had to be a fox. I did think rat for a minute but wanted to make sure he wasn’t perceived as ugly as well as devious; if he was too villainous he would stick out too much, and I wanted to make sure it was plausible that these 5 were actually friends. The top hat is a reference to Dickens’ Artful Dodger.

Who is your favourite character and why?

B: The Wing Man, he’s the truest friend you could ever hope to find.

Perhaps you are the target audience for a campaign like this, do you think that helps you relate to the situations that the archetypes get into?

B: I have spent years of weekends with characters like this so I think that definitely helps! I think most of us have friends we can identify in these characters and that’s why the Jagermeister campaign has been so successful.

Thanks Billmund ! Make sure you drop past the Jagermeister Facebook Page and tag your mates.