Irene Feleo's GIF Party

Irene Feleo showed us her latest GIF creations. She talks about her process in creating these beautiful little animations: 

Please tell us the story and inspirations behind these two works?

Ritual was created for the LoopDeLoop contest around the theme of a ritual. I just wanted to create something around the notion of life and death and the cycle behind it, so I chose plants as a simple but hopefully relevant subject matter.

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Vote for Irene here

Sashimi Fishy was inspired by my absolute obsession with sashimi. I wanted to create a little bit around this idea that was funny but a little bit morbid and made you think about the poor fish swimming around thinking about being sliced and diced at any moment!


What are the considerations for a moving image as opposed to a still?

Moving images have to be a lot less detailed than for example, a still illustration. Because every frame is drawn, it needs to be simple but still visually interesting and unique in order to grab the viewers attention. 

Do you have any childhood memories relating to surprised chopped fish or flowers bursting from puddles?

I visited Disneyland in California a lot as a child, and I feel that my plant animation was probably most definitely inspired by the rides there. Everything is hyper-coloured, glowing and magic - so that is probably where that comes from! As for chopped fish - I had a fish named Mr Miagi who I loved dearly, so that is probably a subtle ode to him haha.

You seem to be drawn to organic objects - is this a conscious choice?

I really like focusing on simple every-day objects. I have always loved plants and their various shapes - they are often the centre of a lot of my personal work. I think there is something a bit magical about them, and I love how visually striking they can (or can not) be. 

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