Midnight Alchemy


We are excited to see the collaboration between Irene Feleo, Styna and Rosell's Creatures at their upcoming exhibition, Midnight Alchemy. 

'Midnight Alchemy' is a collaboration between three upcoming Sydney artists who have come together to create works based on the world of magic and superstition. Conjuring works based around shared inspirations, the result is a colourful and textured exploration of storytelling, mythical creatures, wildlife and the fluid nature of reality. Remarkably with similar backgrounds, each artist brings a different twist and perspective to the exhibition's theme.



Tell us a bit about the exhibition. What is Midnight Alchemy? 

Irene: Midnight alchemy is a joint exhibition between myself, Styna (aka Christina Huynh) and Rosell's Creatures (aka Rosell Flatley). Our collection of works all revolve around the theme of magic, as we found that our works share a whimsical and surreal element in their subject matter. It is a pretty involved and collaborative exhibition because from day one we have been working together to put this show on - from deciding the theme, critiquing and reviewing each others works, collaborating on a large scale mural and really pushing and supporting each other with our body of works. Influences from all three artists are apparent and I think there is a really beautiful flow between our works that links us together. 

Irene Feleo

Irene Feleo


How did you all come together for this exhibition? 

RosellsCreatures: The three of us meet through a series of synchronic events in Sydney. I have both admired Irene and Styna's artwork. It's often very hard to meet like-minded artists in the community, especially ones who are willing to share their practice, so meeting Irene and Styna felt like a great relief and so, I basically sent them an email and asked to collaborate. 


Rosell's Creatures

Rosell's Creatures

Can you tell us a little bit about superstitions, magic and symbols that inspire you?

RosellsCreatures: My artwork are mostly inspired by the women I meet and the energy that they bring to conversations we have. I transform the feelings and emotions into "creatures" that artistically represent the stories that they share. This is were I use symbols into my artwork which are mostly the third eye, lines and patterns of a chicken feather and objects that I think that suits of who the person is. 

Styna: Lately, my work has been largely influenced by a recent trip to China for the first time (or as I'd like to call it, 'The Motherland') I set myself a very ambitious goal to finish a 120 paged art book in which I only managed to get up to 18 pages, haha. But in that time I would say a lot of my work is now influenced by make-believe and mythical characters, and I'm finding an array of inspiration in Chinese dragons, natural elements like flora, fauna and water movements. 

Irene: I love symbols often found in Tarot and in tattoo art. There are a lot of recurring icons such as the moon, the dagger, and the third eye that I love - often because of their simplicity and the plethora of meaning that could be linked behind them. I have also been drawn to animals when creating for this exhibition - depicting creatures that are often linked to witchcraft and folklore. I love the idea of spells and their ingredients - snake teeth and toad heart and all those creepy things. 

Midnight Alchemy

Any hints on what your works will be about? 

Irene: My work is sort of like if you walked into a witches cupboard and pulled apart their shelves and threw paint over everything. I focused on creating a balance between a dark and whimsical aesthetic, something that could be part of a creepy folklore or just be read as a bit of fun as well. 

RosellsCreatures: It will be fucking AWESOME!!! haha. Okay! seriously It's going to have combination of female characters, creatures and strange objects with a third eye.

Styna: I would say that this new body of work is a colourful combination of mythical characters. I.e 'Lord Mushroom' - a tiny boss mushroom that is riding a majestic blue beast that is half dog, half lion, half dragon. It hints themes of 'growing up', the imagination, movement and beauty. 


Do you have any personal superstitions or symbols? 

Irene: I am terrified of ghosts! So anything spooky like mirrors i always regard wearily haha. In terms of symbols I really love floating hands for some reason. I think that they represent something quite ominous and also wise, and I love playing with that idea. Moths are also a big thing for me - they were initially seen as symbols of magic because of their attraction to the light and the moon. 


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Midnight Alchemy

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