Illustrators Australia Awards

Congratulations to Jim Tsinganos who won a two golds, a silver and a two highly commended at the Illustrators Australia Awards.

Have a look at the Jim's beautiful winning images below. 

Jim Tsinganos


What it's like to be a part of a community like Illustrators Australia?

It’s been great to be part of the Illustrators Association Community over the years.

Apart from the benefits of being part of a community of your peers and fellow illustrators, where you can get feedback, advice and inspiration, IA offers valuable assistance to it’s members on pricing, copyright, legal matters and sometimes assistance and informative seminars and workshops.

Over the years IA has done much in the way of furthering the cause and awareness of illustration through it’s development of the website and now App, the source books and the juried annual awards show and now it’s own FB page.

An illustrator’s life is usually a predominantly solitary one so the opportunity to be able to interact and feel part of a community of like minded souls is a welcome one.




What's your favourite pieces you have been working on over the last year - winners or not?

he two stand out favourite pieces for me this year to date are the one that I did for Qantas mag about writers and their travels and a personal piece that I did for and exhibition about selfies. The Qantas piece was fun because I got to push it in a slightly different direction and I was surprised and pleased at how it came out.

Writes of Passage Qantas
I Amplify In Silence

The exhibition piece (I Amplify in Silence) was interesting because it started out as a personal piece, one that I had a vivid vision of in my head, almost a passing curiosity. But then I struggled with it a bit and the vision changed, morphed into something else, that I still wasn’t really sure of until this exhibition came up and I’d run out of time to do what I was intending to do so I adapted the piece that I’d done, which coincidentally was for almost the same theme and fit perfectly. Once the type was added I felt that the piece had finally been resolved and although the process had been a little arduous, it was a significantly rewarding one and reinforced to me the importance of finding time to do your own personal pieces.

Both pieces won Gold at the recent IA  Illustration awards.


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