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This week we caught up with the magical Gina Kiel to share her thoughts on girls in the creative industry. 

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Gina Kiel

Do you have any tips for your chicks looking to get into the industry? 

Visualise where you want to be and focus on it. Always create work. Find a network of other creative people to hang out with but stay true to what you feel is you.

I would try not to even think about the fact that you are a female in the industry, if you are your most passionate, productive authentic self then I don't think gender would even be an issue.

I think it all comes down to passion and drive. But also one reality is that women have babies and if the passion and drive is not strong enough a creative a career can fall to the side during the early stages of motherhood and it can be hard to pick back up again. Where as, in general, when a man becomes a father his career/work life stays pretty much the same. Maybe that contributes to the male dominated industry later down the track vs the female dominated Art School in the early days.

What female mentors do you look to and why? 

I definitely find women who are balancing motherhood and a creative career (or any career actually) inspiring! But I also admire women who go against the 'norm' and decide not to have children and focus on their career.




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