GTA: Great Technical Ability

In the age of the super hi-performance hypercar, ala Fast and Furious and Grand Turismo, car enthusiast and illustrator Andrew Millest shares how he has united his two passions, and explores the rich history of the modern chariot.

I was never really interested in cars as a youngster. Growing up, I could tell you a lot about different aircraft because my Father was a pilot. Something snapped around the time I was eligible for my 'P' plates, and since then the passion for cars, the driving, the fixing and upgrading, has only become greater. Drawing them is really a natural extension of that, because I enjoy admiring and being around cars, and I also love to draw.

It's great to be commissioned to draw a car I wouldn't necessarily choose as a personal piece. To maintain accuracy, especially when it comes to caricaturing the engine or model's specific design features, I have to immerse myself in the culture of that vehicle and engage with its history. There is so much great history around different vehicles and their manufacturers that it becomes very easy to be drawn into the culture of that car.

The cars and the culture around them is really a reflection of the people who made them, and the experiences people have had driving them. They become symbols of everything that experience stands for. Some, like the VW Beetle for example, affect culture beyond the sphere of enthusiasts, and their symbol becomes widely known. I guess that's what I love about drawing cars, they're all different stories about the people who have built and used them. 

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