“In honour of spring and all things blossoming and buzzing and beautiful and slightly creepy crawly....” - Gina Kiel 


Gina Kiel’s collaborations with Verity Griffiths are breathtaking beautiful. Their subjects are crowned with glorious flower headdresses like divine beings and scattered with critters and vines. Gina’s illustrations are delicate and colourful, with small creatures fluttering across their bodies. 


Gina Kiel spoke with us about the project: 


These flower adornments are beyond beautiful, they make me want to go out and buy a bunch of spring blooms. How did you get involved with this project? 

An amazing friend, creative director, stylist, make-up artist, Verity Griffiths sent me the images from the shoot that she had directed and created the floral head dresses and make-up for. She felt like it would be cool to add illustration elements to the shots and the day I opened the email with the photographs I was like “Um, YES!” They are just so extraordinarily beautiful. I didn’t want to go over board with illustration, just keeping it quite minimal and simple and just using it to add tiny bits of popping colour to compliment the colours and amazing detail of the flowers.


You’ve been doing a lot of work collaborating illustration with photography. Do you have a dream photographer you would love to work with? 

I have great photographer friends which I love working with heaps. Ashley Church (aka Dinosaur Toast), Garth Badger, Mark Townsend. There’s some up and coming international photographers who’s work I’ve stumbled across and would be so fun to work with one day for example Cru Camara’s work is amazing. I think it’s equally form, colour, light and also a model’s mood, expression or pose that sparks different kinds of inspiration. I’ve got a whole bunch of collage collaboration ideas that I need to make happen next year.


What else have you been working on at the moment? Any teasers? 

Among other things I’ve been working really hard on the NZ Fringe Festival Campaign with Inject Design which is going to be so fun to see on the streets. Also a little pop up exhibition with my friend Xoe Hall for February the 26th... more details about that coming soon.




Flowers and makeup - Verity Griffiths using Mac Cosmetics for Stevie English Hair

Photography - Arneka Grosvenor

Models - Eden and Devon from

Nails - Tanya Barlow

Flowers - Flowers On Franklin, Ponsonby Road, Auckland, NZ.


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