Ben Marriott has a playful imagination and his work is abundant with puns and ridiculous ideas that will have you charmed. 

We caught up with him about some of his latest pieces. 


Check out Ben's loopdeloop animation here!

Tell us a bit about your loop de loop, Fortune. I'm curious, you've got cashed up DNA, royal chromosomes and pimp scarab beetle - what's the story behind this?

‘Fortune’  was the theme for this LoopDeLoop (A Bi-monthly animation challenge)

I wanted to show fortune (as in, having amassed a fortune.) at every scale, down to the atom. This idea came from imaging first what a wealthy insect would look like, and that every part of it (chromosomes, DNA, etc) would be equally as wealthy. It was a fun challenge figuring out how to inject an amusing level of wealth at smaller and smaller scales.

Ben Marriott Halloween

Awesome halloween creatures! What were these characters for? 

These were for a personal project. I was thought should do something spooky for halloween, so it started with 1 character. I figured an axe covered in blood with a really cute, unaffected, happy face would have a pleasing combination of cute and evil that would be approachable, but a bit disturbing when though about. It was then a challenge of completing a set of  6 halloween themed objects that could be made to look as cute as possible and still be a little sinister. Nothing really sinister about the pumpkin pie though.

If I had a halloween album, this would be the cover: 

Spooky Ben Marriott

And the curtains in every music video would be this pattern:

Spooky Pattern Ben Marriott


What's inspiring you at the moment? 

Icon design. I find designing and refining a symbol to communicate as much information as possible as effectively as possible in a few shapes and lines am interesting challenge. And Anthropomorphising object with cute faces. 

I’m also currently seeking inspiration from; The Occult, Japanese food packaging & UFO’s.

Ben Marriott War of the Worlds


What is something that people might not know about you?

I have strong opinions on BBQ sauce. At my most obsessive, I had a dozen bottles open and in  operation. Any increase in smokeyness should always be accompanied by a relatively minor increase in sweetness. Over sweetening is a critical failing of most smokey BBQ sauces.




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