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First Drop Comics 

Jason Paulos was recently asked to work on part of an episode for First Drop Comics, alongside Greg Holfeld and David Follet. This series of comics are actually a newsletter created by Barossa Valley wine-makers Matt Gant and John Retsas of First Drop Winery.

Each comic is filled to the brim with puns and references to popular culture, while telling part of the story of the winery. 

Jason chatted to us about working on the comic. 


Tell us a little bit about the comic series.

I was contacted by comics industry veterans David Follet (Uncle Silas creator, etc)  and Greg Holfeld (Captain Congo creator) who said they needed help on a deadline for a comic about a winery. I got paid in wine so I jumped at the chance to own quality wine instead of the cheapo swill I was used to swilling.

Jason Paulos First Drop

It got better as it turned out First Drop wines were a VERY good winery and I look back on the months after getting my wine very fuzzily indeed.


They're very tongue in cheek. Do they write their own material?

Yes. They’ve done a few issues and people at wineries love them.


When collaborating on comics, how does this process work?

It sometimes doesn’t as it’s a highly skilled occupation .. even the lettering is a craft with it’s own history/rules etc. It’s a bit like music in that there’s a bit of serendipity involved and chemistry between the artist and writer.


Having a comic as your newsletter sounds like a brilliant way for people to be engaged with your brand. Would you like to see more of this?

Yes! and if you pay me in wine then YES!!! I’ll also accept food products and branded merchandise!


Jason Paulos First Drop

You can download the comics here 

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