Crowdfunding: Community Backed Ideas

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to make  ideas happen and not only raise money, but build a community around your work. I've noticed that a few of our artists have been using crowdfunding as a tool to get their ideas off the ground with great success.

Interested to find out more, I spoke with Mike Watt who is funding a long term project at the moment called "Tattoo Me"

Why did you go with crowdfunding over other types of production?

A huge positive with crowdfunding is that you get an idea of sales before you make your product. It's a total stab in the dark with how many units you should print normally, and you have to put up all your cash up front and hope you get some of it back overtime. The way I'm doing my campaign at the moment is I have the goal for the campaign at half the budget I need to print 100 books. Even if I get to 50 books that takes a huge burden of me financially. I don't think it would be possible for me to put the book out without it.



What has been your experience of crowdfunding so far? 

I am halfway through my first campaign but it has been really positive so far. I've had more support from people than I could have hoped for. Not just from people buying but from people sharing the campaign and offering to help out with it. Not to be corny but it feels like a bit of a community.



What's it like when you get the message that you've got another backer? 

It's such a nice feeling, I hate poky machines but I think it might be a similar feeling when you hit a feature.



There seems to be a lot of work involved with perks, how are you finding this process? What's involved? 

It was quite tricky, I'm putting out a book, so I had to get printing quotes, figure out the weight for postage quotes, guess how many you might sell to figure out what you can charge (with the price going down with the quantity). It's all been a pretty big learning curb for me, but it's been a good experience.


Do you have any advice to others looking to start up their projects? 

I'm pretty new to it so I don't know how useful my advice would be, but having content that isn't too repetitive to share seems to help. I hate spamming people about it but every time I put it out on social media I seem to get one more sale. I'm pretty aware if I put up too much stuff  people will get over it and stop paying attention. I think having a range of items or perks in different price ranges would help too.


Tattoo Me perks: Limited edition A3 screenprinted poster

Tattoo Me perks: Limited edition A3 screenprinted poster


If you would like to get one of these posters or a copy of "Tattoo Me," there's still time left! You can support Mike Watt's project here. 


You can also make your own tattooed man or lady. Find the template here or here.

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