Jagermeister's Creatures of the Night with Billmund


You met them all online, The Snow Leopard, The Wingman, The Stag, The Night Owl and The Dodger. Chances are you know them personally. These household characters have gently nudged their way into our social circles and friendship groups. 

After an overwhelming public response and appraisal from the press, The Drawing Book Studios and Society Social hosted Jagermeister's Creatures of the Night to celebrate their adventures thus far.

Billmund, one of our Drawing Book Studio artists, flew out to Sydney for the event, putting together a show of all the artworks he created for this brilliant social campaign. Over 60 works were showcased - an impressive production - for one well thought out and executed narrative that has captured the imagination of Australia’s online community.

We caught up with Billmund after the event: 

Tell us a little bit about the process of creating these characters for Jagermeister? 

So the brief called for a group of friends that hang out at this mysterious bar out in the woods and they're all kinda strange, the original reference material was a photo comp of three dudes in the woods all wearing wicker masks and drinking Jager. The masks were in the shape of a stag, bear, and a fox I think. And I was tasked with adapting this reference and coming up with some characters that were going to get up to crazy antics at this bar in the woods and they had to represent certain archetypes one might find in a friendship group. There's the Snow Leopard; a recluse completely submissive to his girlfriend. The Wingman; a big goofball, loyal and best friend to all. The Stag; the alpha, the pack leader and ladies man. The Night Owl; the party animal who stays out all night. And the Dodger; the sneaky devil that always misses his round. I then went ahead and assigned animals to the the dodger (fox) and the wingman (pigeon) as the others were obvious. I built their physiques and dressed them based on their personalities and they were approved pretty much at the first draft!

 Did you base anyone off people you know?

 I didn't do it consciously but I reckon little bits of my mates have made their way into these characters, but I've had people tell me for certain these characters are friends they know and somehow I've nailed the likeness of a person I've never met with a drawing of a man with an owl's head.

Do you identify with any of the characters? 

I have a bit of Snow Leopard, Wingman and Night Owl in me for sure.

How was the show? Any highlights?

Really fun!! I had a smile on my face the whole night, I was going to be happy if people turned up, and loads turned up! The highlight was the auction, people got so competitive! So that was fun and it was nice we could raise some funds for charity.

Your work is cheeky, bold and accomplished. How has your work evolved over time?

I think it takes more from the real world. I use a lot of photo reference to make my characters feel more real, at least I do for this campaign, I still draw weird cartoony stuff which I love to go back to.

What is your creative process?

Dig through Google Image search results and collect photo ref, compile into photoshop, cut and paste until the scene comes together and then draw over the top, send off line art draft and wait for approval, colour and send off final art.

What's your latest inspiration? 

In terms of art inspiration I really love Tonci Zonjic and Adrian Tomine right now, they draw great and I really like their minimal colouring so I'm gonna try really limiting my colour palettes in future.

Any advice to up and coming illustrators?

 Draw loads but don't forget to go to sleep, sleep is important! I forget this often.

What’s next for you? Any new projects in the pipeline?

 A new shop full of T-shirts and art prints! More news on that soon!


See Billmund's work on Jagermeister's Instagram

See more of Billmund's work at the Drawing Book and his website


A special thankyou to our Impresarios for their amazing work on this event: 

Videography:  Meg Ebelt

Event photography: Georgia Drew