The Drawing Book Studios is proud to be apart of AffectorsA creative collective of like minded people.

We collaborate to create multisensory content that engages audiences inside and outside your business.


Aligning to a common Vision, Purpose and Values is crucial to a productive and engaged organisational culture. Workshop facilitator, Matt Jackson and animator James Briscoe worked on this animation to explain why visualising your corporate message increases its ability to engage the members of your organisation and the ability of your organisation to remember and recall the message.

Affectors, Gina Kiel and Harry A'Court from Inject Design partner up with the legendary Shaper Inc to create some fine art for the high seas.

As part of Adobe’s New Creative community, Artist Gina Kiel has been asked to create a self portrait. The idea was to combine the art with the artist by overlaying an illustration onto a photo.

The Common Sense exhibition, curated by Drawing Book managers showcased original work from artists represented by the prolific Drawing Book Studios, photographers from Lizard Studio and an extensive reach of exciting and passionate creative professionals. Combined, their practices span sculpture, illustration, digital and interactive art, 3D art, embroidery, film, photography, cuisine, gelato and textural cocktails. Co-curator, Zoe Edema says, “Our events encourage curiosity and play, both within the audience and the artists who participate in the show. Our holistic approach appreciates the diversity and oddity of the creative journey, in what it provokes and expresses, how it is presented and the various ways in which it can engage the audience.”

This awesome new video features Mike Watt as the epitome of the new creative - an affector - who moves between forms, fields, mediums and genres in the art world to satisfy the need to create and grow as a multi-discplinary artist. Mike Watt excels in Digital Art, Graphics, Assets, Graffiti Art, Illustration, and Traditional, making him The New Creative. Created and Filmed by Mark Townsend, Sound by Ryan Papa, from Complete Sound Studio.

Joe Whyte is an illustrator and artist hailing from the city of Melbourne. His recent studies in France and the opportunity to work with Bic inspired Joe to add an explosion of colour into his latest works.