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Brilliant BusinessKids 


Drawing Book Studios were approached by Inspiring Rare Birds and Evo Agency to work on an exciting project illustrating the stories of incredible young people in business. ‘Brilliant BusinessKids’ tells the stories of young entrepreneurs and their roads to success, turning ideas into start-up businesses.

Each young entrepreneur needed an illustrative style that would convey their own unique story. For each story we sought to find the perfect artist to bring it to life and bring another dimension to the storytelling.

The book features the beautiful illustration of Drawing Book Studios artists - Chris Wahl, Jo Ley, Nathaniel Eckstrom, Mike Watt, Bill Hope, Louie Joyce, Cristina Guitian, Frantz Kantor, Jason Paulos & Irene Feleo.

Jo Burston with young entrepreneur Ben Breeze holding a copy of the book

Jo Burston with young entrepreneur Ben Breeze holding a copy of the book

Ben's Boxes

Rare Birds founder and CEO Jo Burston describes why she wanted to create the book:

“Inspiring Rare Birds supports female entrepreneurs and brings women in business into the spotlight. ‘Brilliant Business Kids’ is the third title that we’ve produced and it’s designed to be read as a standalone book or while children are participating in the newly launched entrepreneurial education program startup.business,” she says.

“Rare Birds has partnered with startup.business to bring the mindset of entrepreneurship and learning in action to 14 to 17-year-olds inside and outside of school curriculum. The book is a fantastic way of showcasing and inspiring young people with what they could do, and who they could become. I passionately believe that if you can’t see it, you can’t become it,” she says.

“Our previous titles are ‘Australia’s 50 Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs’ and ‘#IFSHECANICAN’, which showcases the next generation of Australian female entrepreneurs. We worked closely with the team at Evo Agency on both ‘Brilliant BusinessKids’ and #IFSHECANICAN’.


Juliette Jones by Irene Feleo

Ivan Davies, Creative Director at Evo Agency shares about the ‘Brilliant BusinessKids’ project -

“The amazing thing about this project was the opportunity to create stories around inspirational kids. To tell their inspiring stories to other kids who will be reading the book, I wanted to make the format really approachable to a younger audience, hence the comic book style. I hoped younger readers would find the comic book look and feel engaging and exciting, getting absorbed in the incredible stories of the real life super heroes on the pages.

By aligning a different illustrator to a different child, we gave each one a life of their own and the ability to tell a different story each time. The Drawing Book provided us with ten superb artists who each perfectly captured the persona of each entrepreneur and their business.

It’s not often you get to work on a project with such brilliant people - the children in this book, the Rare Birds who produced it and told their stories, and the Drawing Book artists who visually bought their stories to vivid life. I am overjoyed with the result and I hope it influences many a young wannabe entrepreneur.”

Mikaela Gilbert by Jo Ley
Ben Breeze by Nathaniel Eckstrom
Jo Ley working on her comic for Mikaela Gilbert's Chatter Eggs. Spot the kitten!

Jo Ley working on her comic for Mikaela Gilbert's Chatter Eggs. Spot the kitten!

Nathaniel Eckstrom working on Ben Breeze's story, Ben's Boxes

Nathaniel Eckstrom working on Ben Breeze's story, Ben's Boxes

Here's an excerpt from Mikaela Gilbert's Chatter Eggs story: 

"When I was in my sophomore year at high school, I was given a wooden egg in one of my classes and told to make a product, and package it. I thought of an egg-shaped toy that wobbled without falling down and made animal noises. I called it Chatter Eggs and it was painted to look like a farm animal."

Chatter Eggs by Jo Ley

Mikaela’s idea quickly evolves into a toy that helps teach foreign languages to children under the age of 5. The product, Chatter Eggs, speaks simple phrases in English and repeats them in a different language. Her story describes her perseverance to make the idea a reality. 

Artist, Jo Ley, shared about her process of capturing Mikaela Gilbert's story as a comic -  

"When I was asked to create a comic for the Rare Birds book, I read through Mikaela's story of how she created her product Chatter Eggs, a children's language toy. She has been developing her product since high school, so a lot has happened on her journey from student to entrepreneur, much more than I could fit into a few pages of a comic. 

I contacted Mikaela to find out which of the experiences in the story had meant the most to her, so I could make a comic that included her most memorable moments developing Chatter Eggs."


Read Mikaela Gilbert's story and other young entrepreneur's courageous tales by ordering Brilliant BusinessKids here - http://bit.ly/1YsthC7









Check out some of the illustrations you can see in this amazing book: 



You can order Brilliant BusinessKids here - http://bit.ly/1YsthC7