Borja and Audrey

Borja told us about his painting of Audrey Hepburn for film festival Cine de Cibeles which is hanging all through the streets of Madrid at the moment.  

The poster was a commission from the organisation of the festival itself.  It´s a summer film festival held at the City Hall (inside the real old beautiful building of the City Hall) that lasts for the two months of summer: July and August.  They told me they wanted an elegant and modern poster to advertise the event so we met and decided to do a beautiful design based on an illustration.  Jesus (the organizer) gave me two names from classic films: Audrey Hepburn and Marcello Mastroianni to be mixed on the same poster.  They also gave some photos they liked to be used.  I did some sketches and finally decided it was better and more clean to have only one of them so I did this poster you saw of Audrey.


I tried some different famous photos of Audrey (she had to be recognisable from a long distance) and when I got the one I liked, I used oil to do an illustration made with very quick brush strokes so you can clearly see the painting and its marks on the drawing.  Then added the information and words to the scanned image of the drawing and finally adapted it to all the formats I was asked for.  At this moment is held at the front street of the City Hall in panels 4x4 meters wide and high and also the whole street Alcalá (if I´m not wrong) is filled with little posters of Audrey which is a nice vision for me when I walk there.


Right now I'm working on my new solo painting exhibition which will be held at Antonio de Suñer Gallery here in Spain.  Something around 14-15 new paintings.  You are all invited to come.  :)


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