Astounding Space Adventures with Jason Paulos


Jason Paulos will be unveiling his exciting new exhibition, Astounding Space Adventures at Day Fine Art in Blackheath on the 23rd of April.

Take a sneak peak at the new paintings he will be exhibiting and check out the awesome video he created with Day Fine Art. 


Tell us a little bit about the exhibition. What is the series of paintings about?

The title of the exhibition is ‘Astounding Space Adventures’ and the pictures feature various sexy spacegirls in fantastic locations painted on canvas and board in acrylic paints and watercolour. There’s 4 or 5 large canvasses around 1m x 1.2m and a bunch of smaller works including a couple of pen and ink drawings. There’s only one digital print, all in all there’s 22 new never before seen works, around 6 months to a years work on and off between earning a living doing storyboards, drawing indie horror comics for The Creeps magazine in the U.S. and being a work from home dad to 3 boys. I’m also in Three bands at the moment, so geez it’s crazy at times around here.


Jason Paulos Spacegirls
Jason Paulos Spacegirls
Jason Paulos Astounding Space


What do you draw from for inspiration?

Comic book artists from the past, the internet, old sketches on scraps of paper. I buy old 80’s kids books from the from junk shops, same stuff I grew up reading ... I never grew up really, it’s a bit embarassing. I couldn’t pass this exhibition off as ‘high art’ if I tried. I’m kind of inspired by Los Angeles ‘Low brow art’ ... Juxtapoz, Robert Williams , etc ... except my technique is on the sloppy side in comparison ... I’m no Mark Ryden that’s for sure!

Any stories you can share about the paintings?

God yes, but the best story is how I managed to sneak comic book art into a Fine Art Gallery alongside masters like Norman and Lionel Lindsay. I feel like an impostor but that’s a good place to be as a ‘new’ artist. I imagine my stuff will get right up the nose of fans of Robert Hughes (famous baby boomer cranky art critic and author of ‘The Fatal Shore’). Linsday’s stuff is very illustrative so I guess there’s a connection there! My spacegirls are chaste in comparison however ... I had to rein myself in a bit, I didn’t want the feminists to came after me!

Jason Paulos

Jason, we love the video, it's bananas! How did the creation of this come about?

Vince Day at Day Fine Art Blackheath wanted to create content for a new website and introduced me to local filmmaker Louisa Clayton who had already done a piece about another artist called Peter Marshall which was all very serious and ambient featuring beautiful slow fade shots and a voice over by the artist talking about his inspiration and nature , etc which was a beautiful and totally appropriate video for the kind of artist Peter is (he’s a brilliant portraitist and landscape artist – very traditional Julian Ashton educated etc – ANYWAY ... I asked Louisa if mine could be a bit like a Monty Python skit and luckily she was up for it.

Jason Paulos


Please tell us this is you on the voiceover! 

No, alas, I wish I had a voice like that. Initially I wrote a script and a scenario and the plan was to do the voices ourselves which we did but I thought mine sucked. I called in a favour from an old band buddy Brett Johnson from high school who now runs a successful recording studio back in my hometown of Brisbane called Audio One. He in turn called in a favour and I don’t know who the guy who did the two voices is but he’s great and luckily Louisa’s voice over and acting was perfect and we didn’t need to re-record her parts. Brett also wrote the Hairbutt The Hippo private Eye theme that’s featured for me ages ago which will be used on the animated Hairbutt cartoon that I’m planning when someone gives me 100 million dollars.

Jason Paulos


We love seeing you drumming. Is drumming a part of your creative process? Is there anything else you do that helps get the creative juices flowing? 

Yes, I work on my heavy metal blast beats while I’m taking breaks, I’ve got my practice kit in my studio. I’m in a few bands and we’re available for gigs. One band is all originals and it’s called ‘Fantangalang’ and the other is a concept covers band (featuring several as yet unnamed ad industry stalwarts) called ‘Rock’ which needs no explaining. I’m also filling in for local mountains band Juniper and we’ll hopefully be supporting Steven Kilbey on 28th May at the Gearins hotel in Katoomba!



Astounding Space Girl Adventures       23 April - 10 May

Astounding Space Girl Adventures       23 April - 10 May

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