Sumo outfits, Hello Kitty costumes & hot dogs... all in the name of ARU


BWM came to us with an idea for ARU Sydney 7s and we knew exactly who would nail this wacky tone. We chatted with Chris Wahl about the highlights and process in bringing this one to life.

This looks like a fun one - what did you enjoy the most?
A had a ball doing all the crazy costumed background characters. People in sumo outfits, Hello Kitty costumes, Hot Dogs, Vikings, Austin Powers, Iron Man on a hang glider, you name it. A lot of fun.

Are any of the background characters based on people you know - or are you simply drawing from your imagination?

Man, I wish I thought of doing that! It could have been a who's who of family and friends... alas, it's just people from my imagination.

Do you have particularly favourite tone you love to work in? Spooky, wacky, romantic?

I love drawing the wacky, crazy stuff, that's part of the reason I enjoyed working for MAD magazine so much. Always a lot of fun doing goofy expressions on people in silly situations.

Tell us a bit more about the technical process involved in creating this?
After a bit of back and forth with roughs to get all the elements right, I gathered research on costumes and photo reference of the footballers. Also took plenty of pose reference for all the figures. Because the client wanted everything on a layer, each element and each character was separately hand penciled then coloured in Photoshop. This then allowed the client to rearrange the elements as needed to suit different advertising formats.



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