Check Your Bad Self - Round one.... Akuma by Mike Watt


We love Mike Watt's recent submission to  Round One from Check Your Bad Self recent show in Bristol. Check out his artwork and comments below.

Q How did the idea for this guy come about? Did the show have a theme? Tell us his story!

A The show didn't really have a theme but the name was 'Round One'. I was thinking about boxing, sumo wrestling.. All the things that have Rounds in them and then I remembered, "Round One, Fiiiight!" From Street Fighter 2. I used to play that game all the time when I was a kid, and still do now when I get the chance. Akuma is a sort of evil version of Ken and Ryu from the later Street Fighters, I thought he'd be a fun dude to draw. For some reason I have a cheap wooden statue of him sitting on my shelf that I got a while back so I guess he was in the back of my mind as well. 


Q Did you make an angry gritting teeth face when you were drawing this guy? I feel like every time I look at him I almost start making Grrrrrrr faces... is that me just being a weirdo?

A Hahah, I'm not sure. I kind of don't realise what I'm doing when I'm drawing. Apparently I move my head around heaps and look really weird. I'm sure I make a tun of stupid faces while I'm doing it too.




Q This red is super strong and  screaming to me *Danger! *Warning! Is this what you were going for?

A I think so, Akuma has red hair, and I think red is a colour pretty associated with evil and danger (that type of red I mean.. Nothing against red headed people) so I thought it would be a good colour to exaggerate to show shit was about to go down. He hasn't started fighting yet but he's about to, being Round One, so it's great you go that vibe from it.


Q How did you hook up with this crew in Bristol? Do you think its important to participate and collaborate with artists internationally?

My friends Tom Deams and Georgina Anton, I studies with Gina way back. They came out to Syd last year and we got to get quite a bit of painting in together which was great fun. They're such good people and amazing artists. Tom shot me an email and asked if I wanted to be part of the exhibition which was super nice of him. 

I think it's good to put out your work out there as much as you can and doing it in another country is a pretty nice thing. I'd really love to do it more, I'm hoping to line things up to do a solo show next time I travel overseas.. I'm not too sure when or where that will be though.



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