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A Very Jack Daniel's Christmas


Last year Kevin O'Donnell worked on a project with Arnold Furnace for Jack Daniel's. Jack Daniel's launched a new interactive Christmas hub to showcase its rich and immersive history which centres around its Lynchburg distillery in Tennessee - America's oldest registered distillery.  It's back again this year - you can experience it here

Kevin's etchings are timeless and capture the beautiful old world of the distillery. His work reflects Jack Daniel's values of doing things the right way rather than the easy way, with an unwavering commitment to craft. Once Kev had drawn the distillery, Cream Studios transformed Kevin's etchings into a 3D environment. 

Says Luiz Schmidt, brand manager: "The Jack Daniel's Christmas digital hub is a truly immerse experience built on the principles of what the brand has become famous for - beautiful craft, story telling and sociability. It's one we're all very proud of." - via Campaign Brief. 

Jack Daniels Christmas Hub
Jack Daniels Christmas Hub

Kevin told us about the project: 

The brief was to produce illustrations of the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee USA. I had to stick to the client’s layout so the map doesn’t follow the layout of the real life distillery. 

After a lot of research I did an initial pencil in the style I felt the job required. I came across a picture of some blokes on the back of a barrel truck watching some ducks cross the road, which I found charming, so decided to include this.

Jack Daniels Distillery Kevin O'Donnell
Kevin Odonnell Mockup Jack Daniels

This was approved and I began to produce the illustrations in an old fashioned etching style. Each was scanned and assembled in photoshop on it’s own layer to make it easier to convert to 3D. I felt the old world etching style was highly appropriate for this job as the ageing of the product is something they want to accentuate. Most were drawn on scraper board which is great for cutting back into with a scraper tool. I think there’ll always be a market for hand done art.

 I was pleasantly surprised in seeing the final job on the Jack Daniel’s website. The 3D artists ( who I later met) did a great job!

Kevin ODonnell scraper tools
Jack Daniels Kevin O'Donnell
Jack Daniels Christmas Hub



Watch Arnold Furnace's case study on the project: