Baa Baa Bazaar

James Briscoe's personal work, hot of the press ! Here's a behind the scenes interview with James on his loveable character; a scootering scallywag rounding up sheep in a sky-high surreal 3D animated world.

1. What was your inspiration? 

I was inspired by a job I did for a client a few months back where I created a low polygon scene with mountains, I really liked the style and enjoyed creating low polygon assets so I wanted to try something of my own. It originally started out as just a scene but then evolved from there. I thought about the town perched on the rock, what type of place it might be and how the inhabitants would live which led me to thinking that they'd have to have everything brought into them via air; fruit, vegetables and livestock so I came up with the character ferrying his sheep to trade at the market on his jet scooter. 

2. Whats the story behind your characters? 

I kind of had this little story in my head as I was animating of a young shepherd boy entrusted by his father to take the sheep to market. Now he's a bit head strong and a bit of a show off on his jet scooter which annoys the already fractious sheep who're jammed into the crates to no end. I imagined the sheep to be bleating and muttering amongst themselves whilst they're being thrown about perhaps plotting their escape. 

3. Where in the world is this story happening? 

I really like the little white washed Moorish buildings of the Mediterranean and North Africa and so my story would be set somewhere like that, it's very hot and dry and windswept and the people all come together at these fantastic Bazaars to trade and gossip. 

4. What do you enjoy most about character design and animation? 

Designing characters is one of my favourite things to do, I always like to imagine what type of personality they might have and how they would move, so to design and animate is just so fulfilling. There's nothing like the feeling of seeing something you've created start to take on a personality of it's own. 

5. If you were a character in Ba Ba Bazaar, who would you be? 

One of the irritable sheep but I'd definitely be plotting my escape as the thought of being sold at the Bazaar and ending up on someones plate doesn't really appeal to me.